Create an Asynchronous Daily Stand-up

Vimeo Embed A simple but effective way to save time and increase productivity is to host an asynchronous daily stand-up. Many founders mistakenly believe that they have to have a real-time, face-to-face with their team to kick off each day. However, this can often interrupt productivity or hinder people from getting started on their daily […]


In this video course, we’ll show you how to get started with Slack. Slack is an excellent choice for asynchronous internal communications.

Creating a Trigger/No Trigger Automation

In this video, Ari shares how to create an automation that triggers off of something NOT happening. This is helpful for scenarios in which someone fails to complete a report, check-in, or regular task. Tools used in this process: JotForm Zapier Google Sheets Gmail Additional resources:Process.St checklist template Blog article

Accountability Bots, Tools, and Services

In this video, Ari shares how to automate your personal and your team accountability. Topics include: How proper project management set up improves accountability Creating daily accountability prompts using Voxer or Slack CommitAction – an outsourced accountability service 

Automation: Advanced Zapier Automations

In this video, Shaun Hughston of Agility Automation shares some advanced uses of Zapier. Topics discussed in this video include: Formatter Webhooks How to use code in Zapier What to do if your Zap isn’t working properly

Automation: Document Automation

  In this video, Shaun Hughston of Agility Automation shares his techniques for automating document creation. He’ll show you how to create a professional-looking document or pdf using information a lead or client submits in a form. Tools used in this process: JotForm Webmerge

Automation: Customer Onboarding

In this video, Shaun Hughston of Agility Automation shares how to create some simple automations to streamline your customer onboarding process.  Tools mentioned in this video: JotForm Zapier Airtable Intercom

Automation: How to Use Email Parsers

In this video, Shaun Hughston of Agility Automation discusses email parsing tools, how and when you should use them, and when you shouldn’t. He shares his preferred methods for extracting data from an email and getting it where you want it to go.

Automation: HARO/MonkeyLearn

Keeping up with press and publicity opportunities can be a daunting task. In this video, Ari shows you how to create an automated publicity machine using and artificial intelligence tool called MonkeyLearn and a press database called Help a Reporter Out.  Tools used in this process: HARO Zapier MonkeyLearn Slack Other helpful resources: […]

Create an Automated Hiring Process

Tools Needed Setting Up the Form Talking Through the Automations Setting Up Trello JotForm to Trello Automations Card Moved to List Automations Zapier Text Parser Tutorial Offer Letter Stage Tutorial