The Women's Mastermind

Harness the wisdom and knowledge of your fellow female entrepreneurs in this unique Mastermind! Weekly group calls, a private Facebook group, guest speakers, and tech hacks will help you supercharge your productivity in all facets of your life! This Mastermind is for any female entrepreneur looking for a community of like-minded individuals to transform themselves and their businesses!

*We use an inclusive definition of “women” and we welcome trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who are significantly female-identified.

topics Covered

Supercharge your Productivity

Take your productivity to a new level by optimizing your internal and external workflows!

Eliminate Overwhelm

Overwhelm can be dealt with in myriad ways, from automation to outsourcing, to eliminating unnecessary work!

Control Your Time

Understand your ideal work week and how to maximize when and how you work!

Solve Complex Problems

Get the opportunity to solve your most complex problems by brainstorming with your Mastermind cohort!


ConvertKit is our choice for email marketing. It is relatively affordable, easy to use, and has basic features such as subscriber tracking, manual broadcasts, automated sequences, and automations. 

Learn more on their website here:

We enjoy its ease-of-use and find that its basic features more than meet our needs. It’s also easy to automate with Zapier. 

It may not meet your needs if you want more robust data on your email subscribers or want to be able to target beyond the basics of people with certain tags or who click certain links.